Using Facebook to interact with your target market

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Using Facebook to interact with your target market

After encountering the ‘I am growing’ wall in the city, I was intrigued, and I must say, impressed.

After doing a little digging, I found that the campaign consisted of a combination of Online & Offline media.

Ooh (Out Of Home) Advertising, including:

  • Billboard advertising around the construction zones, such as the Wall on Queen Street.
  • Bus shelters that have been dressed up like beautiful gardens
  • Body Painting Artists (Girls painted in green leaves) handing out fresh Gerberas around the city to promote the ‘Grow to Win’ campaign

Website –
This is the official website where the public can access information such as development plans.

Social Media using Facebook –
Facebook is the primary website used in this campaign. Something as big as the redevelopment of a major shopping centre in the city centre is a project that is likely to impact on most Brisbanites. Keeping the public happy and up to date would be a key concern for a project of this size, therefore developing effective two-way communication with the Brisbane population would be of high importance. Facebook is the perfect medium for this.

Wintergarden have used a competition to draw attention to the Facebook page and grow their fan base, which in turn enables them to communicate with a large amount of the Brisbane population. In addition to the competition, the Facebook Page also provides information about the redevelopment, a link to the official website and photos of the campaign in action.

The Grow to Win Competition is quite interactive, well thought-out and seemingly successful.

  • They have targeted their market by only allowing QLD residents to enter.
  • To enter the competition, you must become a fan of the page. This ensures that the Wintergarden can keep their target market updated with the latest news on the redevelopment (they currently have 2642 2650 fans).
  • To go into the draw to win the $250 voucher, you must water your garden (the application you install for the competition) 4 times, with 4 hours in between each watering. This encourages people to revisit the page and keep up to date with the status of the redevelopment. It also rewards the fan for their interaction.
  • The application personalizes the competition by using the person’s name and Facebook photo, and encourages the fan to share the competition with their friends via Facebook and Twitter.

This is a great example of how a business can integrate Facebook into their marketing campaigns. Be sure to check out the Wintergarden Facebook page at .

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