Trade Show Debut

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Trade Show Debut

Debut Marketing recently attended the Redlands Women in Business Birthday Luncheon whereby Trade Tables were available for members to showcase their businesses. Debut Marketing took the opportunity to gain some brand exposure in the Redlands market.

The theme of our trade table was around Relationships. We wanted to show people that we are all about entering into partnerships with our clients so that we work together to achieve specific goals. In other words, we wanted to communicate that we are looking for long term relationships.

In doing so, our Trade Table consisted of:

  1. A Pull-Up Banner listing our core services as well as our value proposition – Growth through Marketing, Success through Partnership.
  2. A Poster designed to capture attention. The headline of the poster was:
    ‘One night stand or long term relationship? What do you look for in a marketing firm?’ It then invited people to take our Agency Compatibility Test to receive a free flower.
  3. A ‘Compatibility Test’ was offered in attempt to capture attendee’s contact information and offer a free initial consultation and subscription to our newsletter.
  4. Free Orange Gerberas were handed out in exchange for people taking our compatibility test. This was designed to:
    • Give our attendees something fun that would help them remember us.
    • Stimulate Word of Mouth and Generate Traffic to our Table. As people walked around with the orange gerbera, people would ask where they got the flower and come visit us to receive their free flower.
  5. Brochures & Business Cards were laid out on our table so people could take them as they pleased. We wanted people to have a reason to WANT and KEEP a brochure. Therefore our brochures:
    • Offered free marketing tips
    • Were printed on a good quality stock so that people would perceive them as being something of value.
    • Told people our core services, and what makes our marketing firm unique.
    • Included our contact details, so people had a way to contact us when they were ready to.
  6. Total Look and Feel. Our whole stand was based around our corporate colours – from the colour of the table cloth to the colour of the flowers.

Let us know what you think of our stand. Feel free to comment below.

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