Eastway Financial

Client: Louis Grey
Date: 15 October, 2012

“I approached Debut Marketing to review how my company presents itself to the general public. Nicky came up with thoughtful and true value adding ideas. She showed me how the simple use of colour, font and design can portray my personal goals about my business in my logo! Nicky was very thorough to establish exactly how I felt about my goals and objectives for my business. Nicky always conducted herself in a highly professional manner which reflected in the quality of the work she has done. I am extremely satisfied and grateful for the work Nicky has done to revamp my company’s image!”

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The Health & Harmony Clinic

Client: Jo Birro
Date: 2 May, 2012

“My marketing needed a boost and a structured approach to target my client base, so I got in touch with Nicky at Debut Marketing to help find some solutions. Nicky is great at what she does and I love the new vibrancy and feel of my newsletters which she puts together and sends out for me as an email. Nicky is always on task and patient to make sure that what she does is very professional and I would heartily recommend her to any business owner or manager looking to create a great impression with their marketing budget. Thank you Nicky for creating new pathways to prosperity for my business.”

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BREW Cellar Distribution

Client: Paul Clairs
Date: 3 April, 2012

“We were looking for a fresh look for our bi-monthly eDM to kick off a very important product launch and Nicky and her team provided exactly what we were after. The end product was not only fresh but maintained our company look and feel perfectly – and all this was achieved in the very first concept they put forward. Quite an outstanding accomplishment. ”

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Client: David Rider
Date: 15 June, 2010

"Just sending you a thank you note after the completion of our recent trade show. The show was a huge success!!

You helped us achieve the exact look and feel we were after, and all within a very short timeframe.

Everything from the business cards to the brochures and banners have helped us stand out from the crowd.

I look forward to many more years of our successful business partnership."

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Wedding Music Queensland

Client: Paul Clairs
Date: 2 June, 2011

“Debut Marketing was referred to me by Anne from Casa Flora – also your website is very good – it leaves a good first impression. I was looking for a fresh outside set of eyes on my business and you provided that service perfectly. You were professional (turned up on time – I like that), and showed genuine interest in my business and goals. I was very happy with your service and will definitely recommend you.”

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Planned Wealth Solutions

Client: Christine Maguire
Date: 1 October, 2010

"Recently I engaged the services of Nicky from Debut Marketing to assist me with an on-line marketing strategy. We had all the tools but we didn’t know how to use them and how to integrate between our website, Facebook and  E-Newsletters etc.

She conducted an analysis of the business, learning about the industry of insurance and how we currently do business. This enabled her to put together an on-going strategy that will enable us to make the best use of the tools we have at our disposal.

Nicky is very professional and thorough and I would not hesitate in recommending her to other businesses."

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Home Loans Etc

Client: Arno Nel
Date: 25 March, 2011

"Not having time to learn and implement a new email marketing system, I engaged the services of Debut Marketing to help create and manage our email marketing programs.

What impressed me most was the professional and friendly service. The email programs we wanted to create were quite unique, and Nicky was always willing to find information and solutions to customise an email marketing system to our needs. Nicky worked independently, but she always kept me in the loop so that I knew exactly where the project was at.

We now work with Nicky on a regular basis and consider her and Debut Marketing as part of the Home Loans Etc team. I’d highly recommend Debut Marketing to any business looking for a professional marketing service.”
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Hemphill Plumbing

Client: Angelina Hemphill
Date: 27 January, 2011

"Debut Marketing was referred to us to help write the content for our website. We knew the kind of information we wanted to put on the website, but didn’t know how to word it properly. Nicky was quick to contact us, and treated us like a priority client.

We were so impressed with how quickly she was able to turn our thoughts and ideas into words that sounded really professional and perfectly described our business. We could not have asked for a better result.

The entire process was very quick and easy. Nicky was a pleasure to deal with and very professional. We are extremely happy and impressed with the service and work provided by Debut Marketing. We now have a website that looks and sounds very professional.”

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Emu Apple Gallery

Client: Helen Derbyshire
Date: 23 March, 2010

"I have engaged the services of Nicky Douglas from Debut Marketing to put together Marketing Campaigns for  Emu Apple Gallery, an Indigenous Art Gallery in Spring Hill.  Nicky has put together specific marketing campaigns for three Exhibitions held since the Gallery opened. She uses a clearly defined and  consistent  marketing  strategy to  ensure that  Indigenous Art Lovers perceive Emu Apple Galley in a positive and ethical way and the  premier  Gallery,  not only to learn about the artwork, but also  to purchase that special, authentic  piece of fine  art belonging to our nation’s cultural heritage. Since the implementation of this strategy, there has been increased awareness of the Gallery in the wider community and sales of art works has increased by three hundred percent.”

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Dispute Resolution Queensland

Client: Denise Sullivan
Date: 15 November, 2010

"Thank you so much for the professional work you did.  Within a few hours you transformed our website and made it work for us.  We were so impressed by your ability to assess what the most valuable approach would be and you quickly grasped the nature of our business and responded directly and personally to our needs.”

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Outside-In Coaching

Client: Lynn McIntyre
Date: 20 August, 2010

"Debut Marketing recently assisted us with a project which required very speedy turn-around. Nicky was able to complete the project on time and deliver a design that was directly in line with our expectations. We are very pleased with the service provided by Debut Marketing and would recommend their services to anyone looking for an outsourced marketing agency. Looking forward to working with Debut Marketing again, on our next project.”

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Xander Video

Client: Lisa MacKenzie
Date: 21 April, 2010

"We had been working in the Redlands for 5 years under our original branding.  Our client base was changing and our business was moving in a different direction, we wanted to relaunch our business and wanted a new corporate identity, including a logo that indentified our business.

We were referred to Nicky Douglas from Debut Marketing. Nicky and her graphic designer met with us to discuss our business, where we saw it in the market and where we were heading in the future; our ideas of a look/colour of our branding to new and existing clients.
My business partner and I had some different ideas on our concept, Debut Marketing presented three concepts all of which we would have been more than happy to use to represent our business. We decided on one with a few minor alterations.  Debut Marketing listened to both our ideas and presented something that meet both of our expectations.
As part of our relaunch we are also updating our website and content. We are now using the services of Debut Marketing to draft the text to display on our website homepage.

We are excited to launch our new corporate identity to our clients.

We would recommend Nicky Douglas and her team at Debut Marketing for any company big or small.”
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Revolution Technologies

Client: Alan Goding
Date: 14 September, 2009

"Nicky Douglas of Debut Marketing has been working with Revolution Technologies as our outsourced marketing coordinator for the past 12 months. During this time she has demonstrated a keen interest and commitment to learning about our business – so much so, that we consider her as part of the team.

Some of the marketing activities Nicky assists us with include:

During the development of our new website, Nicky acted as the project manager, with the responsibility of creating the framework of and content for the site, and coordinating with web design companies. We are very pleased to now have an industry-leading website that has received much positive feedback.

Using the services of Debut Marketing for these activities has proved to be a convenient and cost-effective way to do our marketing. By outsourcing these activities, our staff  are able to focus on doing what they do best, their jobs, with the peace of mind and confidence that our marketing initiatives are in good hands.

I would highly recommend Nicky and Debut Marketing to anyone looking for a professional, reliable and committed resource to assist with their marketing initiatives.”

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