Simplicity on a large scale

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Simplicity on a large scale

Strolling through Brisbane City on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t help but take notice of some really great marketing initiatives. Although each piece was very different, they each had two things in common.

  1. They were Out Of Home (Ooh) advertisements
  2. They were simple, but BIG.

Marketing Piece One

Ferrero RocherWalking through the Myer Centre in Queen Street Mall, I couldn’t help but notice the giant Ferrero Rocher hanging from the ceiling. It was BIG. It was SIMPLE. It was EFFECTIVE.

Was there are catchy tag line? No.

Was there a message? Yes.

No words were necessary. A giant Ferrero Rocher hangs in the middle of the city mall at Easter time. What does that tell you? Buy Ferrero Rochers this Easter?

In Summary: Simplicity on a large scale.

Marketing Piece Two

Walking through Queen Street, my attention was drawn to a giant green wall that said “I am growing”.

It was BIG. It was SIMPLE. It communicated a message.

The message was from the Wintergarden. The Wintergarden is currently under construction, and the green wall appeared in all the places off limits. So, instead of being frustrated by all the places you could not go to, you got excited about what was coming.

In summary: Simplicity on a large scale.

Marketing Piece Three

Monte CarloDrop In. The latest campaign from the Treasury Casino. I love it. It’s…wait for it…simplicity on a large scale.

The tag line is “Drop In”. They use this simple tag line with very effective visuals to communicate all the things the Casino has to offer.

Drop In – to Cafe 21 for a cup of coffee

Drop In – to Marco Polo and enjoy a glass of wine

Drop In – to the Treasury Casino and listen to some live music

In Summary: It’s simple. It’s effective.

So, when you are planning your next campaign, remember to keep it simple!

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