#Sales vs #Marketing

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#Sales vs #Marketing

In the left corner representing the proactive side of a company’s success is #marketing. It’s creative, it’s innovative, it’s original and it’s the beginning of the sales cycle. In the right corner representing the reactive side of a company’s success is #sales. It’s systematic, it’s charismatic, it’s informative and it’s the end of the sales cycle.


Unfortunately in most companies the relationship between sales and marketing can be strained at best. This usually comes from two managers (sales and marketing) both being accountable for sales. When things are going well they fight over who is responsible, when things are going bad they fight over who is to blame.


Marketing is everything needed to get the client to make the initial contact. Marketing will create the brand, the feelings and emotions; it will influence the decision; and give people the reasons to contact your company. At this stage, the sales person will come in and try to close the deal. They will react to customer enquiries and continue to deliver the experience that the marketing department have promised. It is the sales person’s responsibility to get the client to sign on the dotted line and provide them the personal customer service.


Given that both sales and marketing are trying to achieve the same goal, one ‘sales and marketing director’ is the goal or one manager working under the other. Having them equal in the hierarchy can cause issues unless they have an exceptional working relationship… rare when they are responsible for the same outcome.

Sales and marketing both have the same goal and need to work in a team. This means involving sales people in the marketing meetings and vice versa. Sales and marketing need to work so closely together that they are one team, not two. They key however is one person who is ultimately responsible for building a team culture.

Please comment on how your sales and marketing departments interact?

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