Marketing Treasure Hunt – Chapter Two

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Marketing Treasure Hunt – Chapter Two

Welcome back to the Debut Marketing Treasure Hunt Adventure. Last week we explored Marketing Plans and picked up some clues on how to make marketing plans effective. This week, we are exploring New-Age Marketing Tool #2 – Email Marketing.

Download the updated Marketing Treasure Map.

Every business has a database. A little black book (or spreadsheet, or CRM System…whatever) which holds the names of everyone you have done business with, plan to do business with or have met somewhere along the way. This is a black book filled with golden opportunity. Email Marketing is a great marketing tool for building relationships and staying in touch with your network. Email Marketing can be used in the form of a newsletter, birthday message, special promotion, welcome note, Christmas message – the list is endless. At the end of the day it is a great low-no cost tool that any business can use.

Here are some clues on how to get the most from your email marketing:

Clue #1 – Ask permission …or get deleted. People don’t like receiving mail from people they don’t know. To ensure your message is received in a positive manner, make sure you ask permission to add each contact to your database. Someone that is expecting your email is much more likely to want to read your email, rather than someone receiving unexpected marketing messages from you. Note: It is illegal to market to someone via email without their permission.

Clue # 2 – If you want someone to read your email, give them a reason to want to read it. In other words – offer value. Think about your database, your target market, your business and the industry you operate in. What information would your database like to know? What information can you share with these people to help make their day easier, more interesting or more fun?

Clue # 3 – Maintain your brand image. Inbox’s are becoming extremely cluttered. It is imperative that you make yours stand out. Make it easy for people to recognise who it has come from. And make it visually appealing.

This is a very concise list of clues. For more information about email marketing:

Now we’ve collected some clues about Email Marketing, we must move on to the next marker on the map. Join us again next Tuesday to continue the adventure.

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