Marketing Treasure Hunt – Chapter Three

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Marketing Treasure Hunt – Chapter Three

We are nearly halfway to finding the treasure. So far, we have explored Marketing Plans and Email Marketing. The next marker on our map is New-Age Marketing Tool #3 – LinkedIn.

Download the updated Marketing Treasure Map.

LinkedIn is essentially Facebook for professionals.  It has brought the world of meaningless micro blogging into a corporate landscape.  Recently reaching 100 Million members worldwide and 2 Million members in Australia, it’s time to sit up and start to take it seriously.  LinkedIn is home to pre-qualified people; the kind of people that turn into customers; the kind people that turn into partners and allies; the kind of people like you and me.

LinkedIn is one of the most effective FREE resources available today. The key however, as with all things, is that you only get out what you put in.  Don’t just join and leave it alone expecting treasure-chest-loads of business to come rolling in. Create a strategy and stick to it.  Following are some key strategies you may consider using for LinkedIn.

Clue # 1 Networking that keeps on working
Every time you attend a networking function be sure to connect with the people you’ve met at the function on LinkedIn. It will enable you to stay connected and continue to build your relationships. LinkedIn is like your own self-updating CRM system. It’s a place you can go to find all your connections – and they all update their details themselves.

Clue #2 Help people remember you
Similar to the Facebook ‘Status’ feature, LinkedIn enables you to keep your network up to date with your latest news and insights. Every time you make an update, your network will be alerted – keeping you in the minds of all your connections.

Clue #3 Instant Credibility
LinkedIn is the perfect place to establish yourself as a credible business-person. Your connections can post testimonials on your profile page as recommendations for your know network to view – providing you with instant credibility when a potential prospect views your profile.

Clue # 4 Establish yourself as an expert
LinkedIn enables you to join groups of interest where you can start and comment on discussions. This feature of LinkedIn is the perfect platform for establishing yourself as an expert in the field. Your comments and discussions will help build your credibility and gain exposure within the group.

Clue # 5 Prospecting for new clients.
Have you ever wanted to do business with a specific company, but not known who to connect with or how to get a foot in the door? LinkedIn can provide you with details of the right person to talk to in a company as well as provide a potential link between your network and there’s. Once you’ve found the person you need to connect with, LinkedIn then enables you to contact this person and establish a connection. What was once quite an arduous task to determine who the right person to talk to was, is now quite a simple step. So you can invest all of your focus into figuring out how to start the conversation, not who to start it with.

LinkedIn – It’s an old adage… in a new age.

What to know more about LinkedIn?

Join us again next week as we discover New-Age Marketing Tool #4.

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