Marketing Treasure Hunt – Chapter Five

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Marketing Treasure Hunt – Chapter Five

Thankyou for joining the Marketing Treasure Map Adventure. So far, we have explored Marketing Plans, Email Marketing,LinkedIn and Websites. This week we are exploring New Age Marketing Tool # 5 – Measuring your performance.

Download the updated Marketing Treasure Map.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  In the old days, marketing was difficult to measure. Some traditional marketing techniques still are. However, new age marketing tools provide you with the feedback you need to reflect on and improve your performance.

Following are some suggested ways you can measure various marketing activities.

Clue # 1 – Websites. Google Analytics is a free tool that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your website. This tool will provide you with an array of data such as the number of visitors to your page, what keywords people have used to find your page, your most popular page and much more. If you do not have Google Analytics – download it now.

Clue #2 – Online Advertising Campaigns. To measure your Google Adwords and online advertising campaigns you can use metrics such as number of clicks, number of impressions and click through rates.

Clue #3 Email Marketing – If you are using an email marketing system, it will provide you with reporting data such number of opens, clicks, forwards, shares, click through rates and much more. Make sure you actively reflect on this data to determine you most popular article types and information.

Clue #4 Social Media. The online nature of social media makes it one of the easiest marketing tools to measure. With YouTube, you can monitor the number of views; Facebook – the number of interactions and impressions; Twitter – the number of followers, retweets and mentions. Tools such as HootSuite can help make measuring much easier.

There are no excuses anymore. There is a multitude of ways to measure your new marketing activities.

For your more traditional marketing activities – consider using the good old ‘How did you find out about us’ question, promotional codes, 1300 numbers specific to ads, and unique URLs.

Measuring is an important part of your business. A professional athlete is not born a professional athlete. They train, track, record and constantly improve their performance and technique. You need to do the same with your marketing.

The next stop is our treasure. On our adventure over the past couple of weeks, we have explored Marketing Plans, Email Marketing, LinkedIn, Websites and Measurement. These are all tools that every business can use to market their business. BUT keep in mind that these are just a few. The more markers you have on the map, the closer you will get to finding your treasure.

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