KBN – Key Business Network Breakfast

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KBN – Key Business Network Breakfast

kbnA common question often asked by businesses is ‘How do I get the most out of my marketing?’.

Personally, I believe that getting the most out of your marketing, begins with setting the right expectations – as Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind”.

On Friday the 5th of February, the Wellington Point Key Business Network group learnt all about setting objectives for their marketing campaigns. Setting objectives is often a procedure that is either forgotten about, or not given the attention it deserves.

It was my pleasure to deliver a presentation to the group which demonstrated the importance of setting the right expectations when planning marketing activities.

“Thank you for today, you were excellent, very informative, and how generous of you to share your tools.” – Karen Phillips, Operator of KBN Wellington Point.

To read more about setting objectives, see this post.

  1. Hey Nicky,

    Just checking out your blog, good stuff! :D Like your work. Also, are you looking for more speaking engagements? Can hook you up via the Network Calendar.

    • Thanks for the feedback Matt. I’m very interested in more speaking opportunities. I will give you a call to discuss. :)

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