How To: Write copy for your marketing materials

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How To: Write copy for your marketing materials

Often writing copy for your marketing materials can be a tricky task.

Sometimes it’s hard to get started.
Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away.

To help you out, we’ve created a Copywriting Checklist to guide you through the copywriting process.

The checklist covers eight key things you should consider when writing copy.

1. Objective.
Have you set an objective?
What do you want to achieve from this marketing piece?

2. Message.
What is the one key message you want to send to the reader?
What do you want people to know about your business?

3. Character.
What image do you want your company to have?
What language and tone of voice do you need to write in to be consistent with this image?

4. Value Proposition.
What are the products/services you offer your customers?
Why would someone want to buy your product/service?

5. Benefits.
How will your product/service benefit the reader?
Tip: List the features of your product/service and then list each benefit the feature provides. This will help you identify the key benefits of your product/service.

6. Evidence.
Prove that the benefits are real by showing testimonials, product reviews and results from market research.

7. Encourage Action.
Now that you have your customers interested, guide them to what they should do next.
For example, should they contact you, or visit your website, or download your whitepaper, etc.

8. Stickiness.
Will your message stick?
Have you communicated your message in a way that will be remembered?

For your convenience, we have developed a checklist that you can download to help you write your next marketing piece.

Download the Copywriting Checklist.

And remember, if you are still having trouble stringing a sentence together, give us a call and we can help you out.

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