How to WOW your clients: 3 ways to encourage word of mouth marketing.

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How to WOW your clients: 3 ways to encourage word of mouth marketing.

Seth Godin said it best: “Before Advertising, there was Word of Mouth. Products and services that could solve problems got talked about and eventually got purchased.”

Nowadays we are overwhelmed by advertisements in every place possible – TV, newspaper, billboards, internet, Facebook, email, even in the toilet. With exposure to so many products, brands and options, a lot of people have reverted to trusting good old word of mouth instead. And now, with the evolution of social media, Word of Mouth is now much much more powerful, with the ability to spread world-wide within minutes to massive groups of people.

Word of Mouth Marketing

It is an understatement that WOM is an important marketing tool. It is ESSENTIAL. So, how do you encourage people to talk about you and your business? You WOW them.

So How do you WOW your clients? There is no magic answer, equation or formula, simply guidelines. Wowing your clients is not science. It is all about making them feel good.

Maya Angelou, a remarkable American poet says:

“I have learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

When you try to WOW your clients, you need to do things that make them feel special. Following are three guidelines on ways you can WOW your clients.

  1. Exceed their expectations.
    A lot can be said about the rule – “Under-commit and over-deliver”. For example, if you are giving a client an expected timeframe on a job, give yourself enough time to deliver on your promise early. This will make your client feel important; like you’ve prioritised them over someone else.
  2. Do something unexpected.
    Have you ever come home from a late night at the office expecting to have to cook dinner for the family, only to find that your amazing hubby has already cooked dinner for you? How did that make you feel? Special, right? It’s the small, unexpected surprises that often have the most impact. How can you surprise your clients?
  3. Show that you care.
    Care – it’s a powerful feeling. How do you show it? Let’s say that you call a client to confirm an appointment later that day. When you ask them how their day is going, they tell you they’ve had a stressful day and they can’t wait for it to end. Most people would overlook this remark and focus on their own agenda. This is actually the perfect opportunity for you to stop on the way to your appointment and pick up a box of chocolates or bunch of flowers (or maybe a bottle of wine) to give them when you arrive. You don’t need to go to great expense. The fact that you have thought about them, and tried to make them feel better is going to make them feel special. SO Special, that they may just tell everyone how much you care about your clients.

These are just three guidelines to help you on your way. I’d love to hear your stories – how do you wow your clients, or how have you been wowed as a client?

  1. Hi Nicky,

    This is excellent advice and I agree 100%, and this is what I strive for in my business, and I follow these principles everyday.

    Around 35% of our new clients come to us through WOM, and it is the most powerful way to gain new clients.

    WOM clients are much more likely to buy more, because their colleague, friend, or relative’s have also used us and recommended our services. This gives them a certain amount of trust, that clients who come from print or internet advertising don’t have. Due to the higher trust level, WOM clients result in a far greater dollar amount in sales over other forms of advertising. I have proven this statistically in my business.

    The best part is the WOM costs nothing, you just need to show courtesy, honesty, common sense, empathy for your client, and a high level of customer service, and I agree that exceeding their expectations will do it for you every time, it will get them talking. And not only do your customers keep coming back, they bring their friends too.

    So many business owners overlook the power of WOM advertising.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences Jenny. You’re right – a lot of businesses do overlook the power of WOM advertising, so it’s fantastic to hear your positive stories about how you encourage WOM for your business.

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