How to introduce yourself and your business

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How to introduce yourself and your business

A couple of weeks ago I covered the topic of, how to make the right first impression. In this blog, we learned that we have only 7 seconds to make an impression.

Time is of the essence in business. After the first seven seconds of meeting someone for the first time, and making our first impression, we are often given the opportunity to tell people what we do. It usually comes in the form of a sixty second block, and it is our opportunity to grab the interest of our audience and hope that they like what they hear and want to know more.

We often have these opportunities at networking functions, social gatherings and client meetings. If you had the opportunity to pitch your business to a prospect, would you know what to say?

Creating an “elevator pitch”

Here is an easy six-step process to help you create an ‘elevator pitch’ for your business.

  1. Consider your situation and your audience
    Typically, you will either be addressing a group of people, or speaking to someone one-on-one. It is important to tailor your ‘pitch’ to your audience. The way you speak to a group and the things you say will be very different to the way you interact with an individual person.
  2. Who you are
    Always be sure to tell people who you are and where you are from.
  3. Who you help
    An elevator pitch should always tell your audience who your target market is.
  4. What you help them with
    This is the part where you tell people about the problem you solve.
  5. How you help them
    The most important part of your elevator pitch is telling your audience the solution that you offer your target market and the results you have achieved. This is the part where you tell your audience about your ‘unique’ point of difference and perhaps a brief success story of how you have helped a client.
  6. End with a question to keep the conversation flowing, or remind the group who you are.
    If you are talking to someone one-on-one, try to end with a question to keep the conversation flowing. If you are talking to a group of people, finish with a reminder of who you are.

Example Pitch

Here is an example pitch, for a fictional business:

My name is Nicky and I am from ABC Dry Cleaning. We specialise in cleaning wedding dresses and formal wear. Wedding dresses are a very special item that brides often like to hold on to. However, if a dress is not cleaned and stored correctly it will yellow and be eaten by moths. We offer brides a unique storage solution that guarantees that the dress will stay in perfect condition for 25 years. If you know any brides who want to safely store and preserve their wedding dress, please let them know that ABC Dry Cleaning can help.

Delivering an “elevator pitch”

Here are three tips to remember when delivering your elevator pitch:

1. Be Confident – A confident speaker is easy and enjoyable to listen to.

2. Be Passionate – Show people that you love what you do and that you are dedicated to your job.

3. Be Energetic – Energy is inspiring and contagious. Speaking with energy will show people that you are enthusiastic, and your audience will generally respond with energy and enthusiasm.

Good Luck!

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