Backstage: Debut Marketing Blog


What is DOOH? Is it what Homer Simpson would say if he was from Germany? Unfortunately no, DOOH stands for ‘Digital Out Of Home’ – the next wave of advertising mediums to sweep the marketing world. As we become more and more in control of the marketing messages reaching us while we are at home, marketers are becoming more and more interested in how to communicate to people when they are out of home.

What is driving this?

The harsh reality for businesses now days is that if we as consumers don’t want to watch TV ads, we don’t have to. We control our entertainment on the TV through paid content, TIVO, PLAYTV, PVR’s, Streamed TV and free content; We control our news on our phones and iPads through paid content, blogs, free media, RSS feeds etc.. As society ages, more and more people are adopting these new ways to get the news and entertainment that they seek. As this starts to leave early adoption and reach maturity, more and more marketers and businesses will begin to move towards DOOH.

How does it work?

There are many members of the DOOH family, and more being born everyday – some of the more common are:

• Digital Signage – When you are walking around a shopping centre or an airport and you see an LCD TV showcasing the latest perfume or clothing brand – this is digital signage. Digital Signage has grown quite a lot in other

  1. I wonder when we’ll see an accurate assessment of the cost vs the return for all those panels?