Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management

Who is a customer?
What is a customer relationship?
How do you manage it?

A CRM system is designed for a company to manage all of its customer relationships. From this better management, staff will be able to provide:

  • Better customer service,
  • More unique and better relationship management,
  • Quicker response times,
  • Consistency throughout the company regardless of who is dealing with them
  • And with some CRM systems, even remote access to the system through iphone apps to set staff up for success as they walk in to a meeting!

So what’s the problem? And how do you fix it?

Too Hard!

CRM systems are ultimately a database tool, just like your accounting software or stock management software – unfortunately they can be sometimes treated as a prohibitive administration chore as opposed to a sales helper.
Solution: Sell the benefits of the CRM and make sure that sales people know that the CRM system is there to help them win more and better business.

I Quit!

When a staff member leaves, often you can kiss those existing relationships goodbye.
Solution: This one is easy to fix – encourage use of the CRM system and discourage use of personal systems. When a global CRM system is in effect your company will find it a lot easier to maintain the relationship after the departure.

No Idea!

Most staff don’t get trained on how to use a CRM System – they are shown it and then expected to use it, however, effective use of a CRM system requires intensive sales training.
Solution: A CRM system is as in depth as the user wants it to be – CRM can remember sales history and quotes, but also kids names, pets, addresses, investments, conversations, staff, trips, holidays, conferences… the list goes on. This is relationship management at its best, could you remember all of that? Technology means that we don’t need to commit a million facts to our memory anymore. In today’s world theory is taken care of by computers, and application is taken care of by humans.

Even if you have a relatively poor CRM system, you can get a lot out of it if you know what you are trying to achieve. So here it is, this is what you are trying to achieve…

Better and More Customer Relationships, Improved Customer Loyalty and More Sales.

You will also find with these relationships and loyalty that your value per customer goes up and your cost to acquire new/existing business goes down.

Make sense?

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