Change Your Pitch

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Change Your Pitch

In a previous post I addressed the topic of ‘Elevator Pitches’ – how to create them and why you need one. Its four months later, and I now want to encourage you to ‘change your pitch’. Here’s why.

I was at a networking function last week, and I learned the value of changing the way you introduce yourself in a group environment.

I was talking with a lovely lady one-on-one last week and had the opportunity to tell her a little bit about what I do, so I told her my usual elevator pitch. Then another person joined our group, and again, I had the opportunity to tell this person a little bit about what I do. As the first person I was talking to had already heard what I do, I gave the second person a much shorter description. Then a little while later, a third person joined the group. This time, after giving a short description of what I do, the third person said ‘So what does that actually mean?’, so I went into a little more detail adding in some new information that I had not revealed to the first two group members. After revealing this new piece of information, the first person I spoke to said ‘Oh really? I’d love to talk to you more about that.’

This was an ‘A Ha’ moment for me. I realised that when you get the opportunity to introduce yourself to a growing group of people, this is the perfect opportunity to actually tell the people you’ve already met in the group more about what you do, rather than simply repeating the same elevator pitch.

Lesson Learned: Change Your Pitch. Each opportunity to introduce yourself to a new person joining your group is an opportunity to tell the people you’ve already met, more about what you do.

Change Your Elevator Pitch

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