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How to measure your marketing activities

When you buy a ticket in the Lotto, you check to see if you won. When you place a bet on a horse at the races, you check to see if it won. But when you spend money on marketing activities, do you check to see if it worked?

There is a quote by Peter Drucker that says:

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. With quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” Read more

Marketing Treasure Hunt – Chapter Three

We are nearly halfway to finding the treasure. So far, we have explored Marketing Plans and Email Marketing. The next marker on our map is New-Age Marketing Tool #3 – LinkedIn.

Download the updated Marketing Treasure Map.

LinkedIn is essentially Facebook for professionals.  It has brought the world of meaningless micro blogging into a corporate landscape.  Recently reaching 100 Million members worldwide and 2 Million members in Australia, it’s time to sit up and start to take it seriously.  LinkedIn is home to pre-qualified people; the kind of people that turn into customers; the kind people that turn into partners and allies; the kind of people like you and me. Read more

Five ways LinkedIn can help your business

Have you ever met someone at a networking function and then never ever connected with them again?

LinkedIn enables you to extend the life of your networking interactions.

With over 100 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is growing…fast. 100 million professionals from all over the globe all in one online space – now that is a great networking opportunity!

If you are not yet on LinkedIn, or not actively using LinkedIn, here are 5 reasons why you should join the 100 million others. Read more