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How to introduce yourself and your business

A couple of weeks ago I covered the topic of, how to make the right first impression. In this blog, we learned that we have only 7 seconds to make an impression.

Time is of the essence in business. After the first seven seconds of meeting someone for the first time, and making our first impression, we are often given the opportunity to tell people what we do. It usually comes in the form of a sixty second block, and it is our opportunity to grab the interest of our audience and hope that they like what they hear and want to know more.

We often have these opportunities at networking functions, social gatherings and client meetings. If you had the opportunity to pitch your business to a prospect, would you know what to say? Read more

How to measure your marketing activities

When you buy a ticket in the Lotto, you check to see if you won. When you place a bet on a horse at the races, you check to see if it won. But when you spend money on marketing activities, do you check to see if it worked?

There is a quote by Peter Drucker that says:

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. With quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” Read more

Setting Yourself Up for Networking Success

Most people set life goals.

Most business people set business goals.

But as a business person, do you set networking goals?

Given that it is the beginning of the year, I felt it was appropriate to broach the topic of Goal Setting, specifically for networking. Read more