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Backstage: Debut Marketing Blog

Trade Show Debut

Debut Marketing recently attended the Redlands Women in Business Birthday Luncheon whereby Trade Tables were available for members to showcase their businesses. Debut Marketing took the opportunity to gain some brand exposure in the Redlands market.

The theme of our trade table was around Relationships. We wanted to show people that we are all about entering into partnerships with our clients so that we work together to achieve specific goals. In other words, we wanted to communicate that we are looking for long term relationships. Read more

Using Facebook to interact with your target market

After encountering the ‘I am growing’ wall in the city, I was intrigued, and I must say, impressed.

After doing a little digging, I found that the campaign consisted of a combination of Online & Offline media.

Ooh (Out Of Home) Advertising, including:

  • Billboard advertising around the construction zones, such as the Wall on Queen Street.
  • Bus shelters that have been dressed up like beautiful gardens
  • Body Painting Artists (Girls painted in green leaves) handing out fresh Gerberas around the city to promote the ‘Grow to Win’ campaign

Website –
This is the official website where the public can access information such as development plans. Read more