9 Marketing Tips for the New Financial Year

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9 Marketing Tips for the New Financial Year

1. Set clear marketing goals.

If you want to achieve amazing results in your marketing this year, you must set some goals. When you go about setting your goals, ensure they are SMART:

An example goal might be:

To attend 4 networking functions every month for the duration of the 2011-12 Financial Year.

2. Identify your key challenges.

William Rotsler once said:
“You won’t find a solution by saying there is no problem.”
Every business is confronted by challenges, and no doubt at least one of these challenges is marketing-related. Think about the marketing challenges your business faces, write them down so they become REAL, and find ways to overcome them.

3. Identify 10 Key Marketing Activities

The more places you market your business, the more exposure your business will receive and the greater your chances will be for marketing success. This financial year, I encourage you to pick 10 marketing activities for your business, and put all your effort into making each of these marketing activities the best they can be.

4. Try something new.

The marketing landscape is constantly changing. This year I challenge you to add something new into your mix.

5. One Key Message

In any marketing activity you engage in, you must pick ONE KEY MESSAGE to communicate. This will ensure your message has impact and clarity. By picking one key message to communicate to your audience throughout the year, you will save yourself time in writing your marketing materials, and ensure that you are always sending a clear message.

6. Draw up an Action Plan

There are two types of action plans I recommend you use. The first is an A3 Calendar which you stick on the wall near your desk. This Calendar will serve as a constant reminder to do some marketing. It will also enable you to write on it as you engage in each activity. The second type of Action Plan is an excel spreadsheet that identifies: What needs to be done, When it needs to be done by and Who is responsible for doing it.

7. Measure!

Make sure you identify ways to measure your marketing activities. It might be as simple as recording the source of the lead on a Tracking Sheet, or monitoring the number of hits on your website each month.

8. Reflect.

At least once a quarter, reflect on your marketing activities and identify ways you can improve them.

9. Brand Consistency.

Make sure all your marketing materials look the same. This will make your business easily recognisable which means greater brand awareness.

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