5 reasons to host your own Networking Events

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5 reasons to host your own Networking Events

Networking is one of the best and most personal ways to represent your brand. As a person you have total control over how you dress, how you speak, and the attitude to which you discuss your company with external parties.

There are various types of networking functions you can attend and various organisations you can be involved with – but I want to focus on the value in being the host and holding the function yourself.

  1. As the host, it’s not a case of approaching someone cold – you have the opportunity to address the entire audience. This means that (so long as you were good) people will approach you.
  2. As the host, you can hand pick a group of people that will complement each other – you can have people who love your company talking with people who don’t know your company.
  3. As the host, you control the content that gets delivered to the delegates.
  4. As the host, you offer value to your clients by providing them with networking opportunities – remember that good memories will build long term clients.
  5. As the host, you will meet everyone, and you will network with everyone – just create nametags and you have a perfect opportunity to talk to everyone.

Remember the quality of the content and people attending will ultimately determine the success of your event, so hold this above all else. But if you can get a group together and have an event that people walk away speaking positively about, you are on your way to marketing success!

Be fun, be personable, be memorable!

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