5 End of Year Must-Do Marketing Activities

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5 End of Year Must-Do Marketing Activities

5 End of Year Must-Do Marketing ActivitiesWith Christmas only a couple of weeks away, and the allure of hot sunny days at the beach, and barbecues with friends and family by the pool, the end of the year is often a mad-rush as you try to close off all your current projects ready for the summer break. In the lead up to the new year, it is important not to forget about your marketing! In the mad Christmas-rush, Marketing is often put to the bottom of the list and dealt with in the new year. If this sounds like something you do each year, or something you are doing right now, I challenge you to prioritise your marketing. To make it as easy as possible for you, here is a list of the 5 End of Year Must-Do Marketing Activities.

1. Say Thank You 

Two little words go a long way – Thank You.

Don’t forget to thank your clients, suppliers, business partners and colleagues for their support throughout the year.

2. Measure and Reflect

Any high-achiever, whether they are an athlete, musician or academic genius, will always measure their performance and reflect on how they can do better next time.

In order to improve your performance, you must first have a clear picture of how you are performing. In order to get a clear picture of how your marketing is currently performing, you must track and measure your marketing activities. By measuring your marketing activities, you are then able to reflect on their performance, and identify ways to tweak each activity and achieve a better result.

So, take a moment to think about the year that has passed. Take note of your wins, losses and lessons learned. Think about the things you will do differently, better, the same, or never again. Write them down and use them in your planning for the year ahead.

3. Plan for the year ahead

NOW is the time to be planning for 2013. Go into the New Year with a steadfast plan, and start the year running! If you start planning in January, you’ve lost a month of the year. Make some time to do it NOW.

Planning for the year ahead is as simple as setting some goals for your business and marketing, and then developing strategies and tactics on how you plan to achieve those goals. (If this is something you think you might need some guidance with, check out our Marketing Planning Workshop.)

 4. Set Yourself Up for Success

Don’t ‘set and forget’ your marketing activities. Often when things are out-of-sight, they are out-of-mind. Make sure you implement methods of motivation to keep you on track to achieving your marketing and business goals.

If you have trouble remembering what you should be doing each month for your marketing, create a calendar for yourself to write your monthly activities on and stick it on your wall.

If you find that your marketing activities always slide to the bottom of your to-do list, and never get done, write your marketing goals on a piece of paper and stick it on your wall.

5. Take a break!

It’s the end of the year (and who knows, possibly the end of the world…I guess we’ll know soon enough), take a break. You deserve it!


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